Hello, I’m Rio Sinnott.

Hi, I’m Rio. I’m passionate about open source software, language, music, the visual arts, and learning new things. I am fascinated by complexity. Recognizing patterns and connections between disparate topics and ideas gives me goosebumps. I have deep nostalgia for old technology but am excited to be alive in this moment to witness how tech continues to evolve. I love reading, and I collect words from books and lyrics that are new to me or that I feel an attachment to.

I’m working on a project called grio, named after the West African storytellers called griots; it’s a non-social microblog for tiny status updates. You can see a rough prototype of it below. It has a command line interface written in Python and a Javascript front-end.

You can contact me here if you’d like to collaborate, tell me about something you find interesting or beautiful, or just to chat.



what a time to be alive

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